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Specializing in expert inspections of Mexican Grown Fruits & Vegetables

Thank you for making C & A Produce Distributors your choice for the finest quality Mexican Produce at exceptional prices. Our company policy is to provide each customer with impeccable produce and outstanding service. And this commitment has made us one of the country's fastest growing produce distributors.

In establishing our business, we took great care to conduct extensive research and development of the world's selection of produce. Our goal? To create relationships with the leading growers in Mexico. We begin by sourcing these farms, and by doing so have created long-standing relationships offering the highest safety standards in the region. Implementing state of the art technology and innovative food safety measures, together we meet and exceed international standards. This level of service and dedication is what make us different. It allows us to focus our strengths and supplying our international customers with top quality imported fruits and vegetables.

We import the finest:

• Avocados • Beans • Chilies • Limes • Peas • Tomatoes • and more

In addition we provide:

• Low Costs on Premium Quality Product
• Consistency and Dependability
• Efficient Growing and Production Techniques
• Experienced Personal Sales & Consulting Team
• Complete Access to Product When Market Shortages Occur

We take our produce through a process of steps to insure it's quality, freshness and safety. Every pallet is inspected by our on-staff, in-house inspectors. Once complete, we can confidently insure each order. Our sales staffs works with you to create the right mix for your store or business and give you the confidence of knowing your rep is personally working your order and that it has been thoroughly inspected, quality controlled and shipped with expert care. Your personal sales consultant will help to create processes and procedures to make sure you receive the simplest solutions to your everyday produce needs. Your success is our success and working together we can achieve all your business goals.

Call us at (831) 444-8582 or email John Carillo at john@c-aproduce.com. We look forward to helping you grow your business!

Wholesale only. Call us for a quote. We are available year round and our experienced and dedicated sales staff looks forward to helping you grow your business!

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